Education & Approach

Nattalie is a graduate of Alaska Pacific University with a Masters in Science and Counseling Psychology. She is a certified Hakomi Therapist from the Hakomi Institute in Boulder, CO and a certified Red Hat Qigong Energy Healer. Nattalie has over 20 years of experience in the counseling field including Alaska, Southwestern Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest. She is a licensed psychotherapist in CO.  Her approach to therapy is from a holistic humanistic perspective utilizing Experiential Body-Centered Psychotherapy. She works with parts of self and how one is in relation to their environment, themselves and others.
Red Hat Qigong is a 6,000 year old ancient form of Yin Chinese energy healing medicine.  Nattalie's lineage of certification is received by Grand Master Beverly Anderson whose lineage was certified by Grand Master Dr. Wong in Hong Kong.  This healing method cleanses, balances and charges the mind, body and soul by removing any blockages and increases the flow of energy to return to its original dharmic structure.  After sessions clients are left with feeling lighter, more balanced and relaxed.

Each individual brings their own unique strengths and challenges to therapeutic sessions. Nattalie meets the client where they are at and provides therapeutic tools so they can become an active participant during and between sessions. Nattalie embraces others with compassion, curiosity and authenticity. She provides a safe, gentle, caring, and healing environment for clients as they address their struggles in everyday life experiences.  Nattalie brings her wisdom from professional and life experiences to session. She assists in navigating clients toward personal growth, balance, change, self-acceptance, honoring ones needs, setting healthy boundaries, discovering the courage to verbalize the truth, and utilizing skills for open communication in relationships.

Nattalie has been interested in traveling inside/outside of the United States since a young age as well as living in different areas in the US. Through her travels, she has been exposed to a plethora of multicultural experiences and welcomes diversity. She continues to grow as a human being and continues to move toward living a conscious lifestyle. She is blessed with her life’s work in the healing profession and looks forward to therapeutic journeys with those interested in self-exploration and personal growth.


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