Psychotherapeutic Experience

The Hakomi method is integrated into therapy sessions. Hakomi is a Hopi Indian word that means “Who are you?” The Hakomi method is a gentle form of psychotherapy that combines non-violence principles of Eastern Philosophy, traditional Western Psychology and body-centered techniques utilizing mindfulness. The Hakomi method focuses on issues arising in the present moment. People experience feelings, actions and perceptions that are influenced around major themes and are addressed as part of the therapeutic work. The themes include; love/appreciation, freedom/responsibility, control/power, openness/honesty, safety/belonging, spirituality, social and cultural rules. Hakomi has a number of ways of using the mind-body connection to help bring to awareness the memories and core beliefs we employ to construct meaning in our life. In guiding clients toward healing experiences, we work together and set up “experiments” to study how one is organized psychologically around thoughts, tensions, impulses, sensations, memories, meaning, and core beliefs. Clients move toward transformation as their awareness expands and they have new healing experiences.

Nattalie provides individual therapy working with adults. She continues to embrace “the healing process” with others in the present moment and is honored to guide and witness the unfolding of client’s experiences as they move toward greater self-awareness and transformation.



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